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Join Izzy VanHall + Beacon Blend for an afternoon of wellness.

Janji Pop Up Store | 144 Newbury Street, Boston

Treat yourself to a Bodokon Yoga practice followed by a healthy sampling of organic juices, smoothies, and chia water blends! Izzy VanHall will lead us through an hour of dynamic movement, incorporating the fluidity of yoga with the integrity of martial arts. The name Budokon was created by its founder, Kancho Cameron Shayne. It was taken from the Japanese language and translates to “the way of the warrior spirit”. This yoga class is for all levels, so come flow with us.

After an energizing hour of yoga, you’ll join Beacon Blend for some fun with tasting a line of 8 organic superfood blends! Founder, Danielle Perretty will share her blends and chat about ways to identify that not all juice is created equal. Beacon Blend is the first juicery in MA that does not remove the fiber from juice. Made in small batches, each blend uses the whole plant and is designed to benefit your health. This way your body is receiving maximum nutrition, lower sugar levels, and does not waste food by discarding the pulp. Oh, happy day!

Bring your friends to stretch, flow, sip, and shop! Limited space available, register here:

"Bodokon is a style of yoga great for all levels -- and refresh with delicious Beacon Blend after class!" - Team MoveWith

 See you at Janji, yogis! #socialsweat #beaconblend

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