Eat Real. Be Whole.

Posted by Danielle Perretty on

Beacon Blend is on a mission to help spread health and happiness to our communities. With just a few months into the market, we're thrilled that folks are starting to notice how important it is to include the whole-plant when choosing a cleanse or a juice.

As a startup goes, we're also proud to share that Beacon Blend is the only Boston juice shop that maintains the whole vegetable and whole fruit in it's juice blends. By keeping 100% of the nutrients and good fiber, this helps to slow down the absorption of sugar and aids in your digestive system.

Jaime Ducharme, the Health Editor at Boston Magazine recently featured a post on just this topic. In her post, Boston's Latest Juice Company Has Substance, Jaime touches on how Beacon Blend is a healthier and different option when looking into juicing and living a well-balanced lifestyle. 

Getting down to it, fiber is one of the biggest reasons that fruits and vegetables are good for the body. They’re full of soluble and insoluble fibers that account for helping your digestive system. Each of our blends includes the fiber and never uses anything but, organic, superfoods and produce.

100% Real. 100% Whole.

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